I am currently working with Cervello to create a financial dashboard for one of the world's largest consumer packaging goods corporations. The web app, branded as "HealthCheck", will provide up to date financial metrics and key performance indicators for the parent corporation's subsidiary brands and customers. It will also deliver a handful of complex filters that allow the user to access a wide variety of niche data points and run it vs. different time intervals and geographic locations. Once it is fully implemented, this product will be a valuable tool for high-level executives interested in ultra specific facets of the company's financial performance.



I've been working collaboratively in Balsamiq to produce low fidelity wireframes in order to design and structure the user interface.  After a few weeks of design iteration, we were able to map out a feasible solution. The wireframes we produced (a select few of which can be seen below) were approved by the client and the web app is now in the process of being implemented via Power BI


Cervello's development team is hard at work converting our static wireframes into a live, functional product to deliver to the client.
I will continue assisting with the design and implementation of HealthCheck and will document the final product on this page once the project has concluded.

 UI Design • Wireframing • Data Visualization
Usability • Information Architecture