I went through a thorough typographic study on my way to the final version of the R4M logo. I also had our team provide input to steer the brand in the right direction.



The finalized logo, as voted on by the team, can be seen below.



media kit

The R4M media kit is a presentation of various web metrics and engagement statistics, designed to appeal to potential clients and investors. 



The R4M brand was only recently established when I began working there and lacked a modern, consistent visual direction on their digital platforms. A screenshot of their original website can be seen below.


I began reimagining the existing site for a more polished and intuitive look. I created high-fidelity mockups of my proposed interface, which can be seen below.



I also designed ad-hoc screens for a tablet interface that would integrate with the parent company's gamification platform. 


Email Blasts

A key element of Rewards for Mom was the email blasts that provided exclusive deals and giveaways to a mailing list of 70,000+. To make this component visually cohesive with the rest of the R4M brand, I designed a modular template that could easily be personalized and implemented on a frequent basis. 



The majority of my time with Rewards for Mom was spent creating digital assets for the blogs, giveaways, and rewards that would be posted on their website. As the thumbnail was key to engagement, I did my best to provide consistent visuals that were compelling to R4M's core audience.