Over a one week period I conducted market research, conceptualized the mobile app's core features, and mocked-up the interfaces of both the mobile app and the administrative dashboard.


Market Research • Content Strategy • Wireframing
UI Design • Usability • Information Architecture

To comply with my non-disclosure agreement, I have omitted and obfuscated confidential information. The information in this case study is my own and does not reflect the views of Wyandotte Nation Casino.


The main objective of the mobile app was to provide the casino’s patrons with a simple and intuitive way to access on-going game promotions. The administrative web app would serve as a control panel for the casino to publish/edit the content on the mobile app. Other than a few basic requirements, I was given some creative control over the app's architecture and feature set.


This project’s scope and timeline called for more a visually developed and personal look, as opposed to the quick and messy screens I would iterate upon in a product development setting. The main selling point of my client’s implementation was the back-end data advantages they would provide for the casino, and that was what their pitch would focus on. My goal was to enhance their talking points with appealing and communicative visuals of a simple app MVP.


THE approach

According to a 2013 study by the American Gaming Association, 64% of casino goers are above the age of 50. Unsurprisingly, a 2016 study showed an inverse correlation between age and mobile app usage. These data points indicate that a hefty portion of the app's user base were likely to be older, inexperienced mobile users.

With user-centered design in mind, it was imperative for the app to provide a simple and a familiar experience via a lean interface with minimal options, and interactions that would be intuitive for even the most novice mobile users. More complex touch gestures (double tap, long press, flick, pinch, etc) were to be avoided in favor of basic, ubiquitous ones (tap, swipe). 


"Focus on the user, and all else will follow."

— Google's "Ten Things" Manifesto


After establishing the app's main demographic, I began researching Wyandotte Nation Casino via their website and social channels to see if I could ascertain any points of marketing emphasis. The goal was to identify prevailing business strategies that could influence the app's features. 

The casino uses its digital channels to frequently advertise ongoing game promotions, which explains the lone feature requirement I was given. What was interesting to me, however, was the observation that ~50% of Wyandotte's social media posts are about upcoming live entertainment events hosted within the casino. At the moment, event ads also take visual priority on the casino's website, appearing as fullscreen banner images on the homepage.

Club Wyandotte also appears to be a point of emphasis for the casino. Many of the casino's event ads, like the one displayed above, boast a reduced price for members of Club Wyandotte

Based on these observations and conclusions, I began work-shopping and winnowing the list of potential app features. 




Using my best judgment, I condensed the mobile app into features that prioritized what users would want, what would be feasible to implement, and what aligned with Wyandotte Casino's goals.


"Let's keep it simple because they want this initial app really simple."

— Client


My approposal (a new portmanteau I just invented) included four main tabs, with Promotions as the app's central feature and also its home screen. Tournaments and Events would be the next two tabs and would both provide intuitive digital signups and listings, removing many existing barriers to entry for both casino offerings. 

All users would have access to these features, but if they'd prefer the premium experience, the My Clubhouse tab would be the fourth and final section in the app's main nav. This feature would only be available to members of Club Wyandotte and would provide in-app access to exclusive promotions and user stats. It would be crucial for these features to be enticing and concurrently non-intrusive to non-clubhouse users. Additionally, giving Club Wyandotte a more pronounced role in the app's core interface would not only promote the casino's premium membership, but also provide scalability for any future Club Wyandotte perks within the app.


THE Execution

The gallery below showcases the final wireframes that I delivered for the mobile app and the corresponding administrative dashboard. Click each image to enlarge.



The Promotions tab is the app's central feature, and also its home screen. The default tab displays a modular grid of Wyandotte's ongoing game promotions. Additional info can be attained by tapping a tile. Ideally, users can customize the number of tiles per row for their eyesight.

The second tab, of the same design and mechanics, provides exclusive promotions only available to members of Club Wyandotte.


Tournaments & Events

The Tournaments tab displays upcoming tournaments in a scrollable stack based on the same modular grid. Each tile contains basic tournament info and a signup button. Ideally, the entire signup process would occur within the app.

The Events tab, of the same design and mechanics, lists dates and info for upcoming events. Tapping an event card would provide additional info along with a link to the event's Facebook page. 


My Clubhouse

This tab's benefits are exclusive to the members of Club Wyandotte. Users that sign in or sign up are granted access to appealing account stats regarding their performance in the casino, along with Club Wyandotte's point rewards system.



Login & Dashboard

After logging in, the admin dashboard provides easily accessible links to publish and edit the content on the mobile app. It also provides visualizations of app and user metrics.



Allows administrators to publish and edit the app's standard and premium promotions. Future iterations could implement push notifications upon publication and flash sale promotions.


Tournaments & Events

Allows administrators to publish and edit the Tournaments and Events displayed on the mobile app. Future iterations could include premium tournaments and integrated Facebook events.